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2 out of 3 businesses have been damaged by a cyberattack in the last year. Don’t let your business be next. At BB-SEC, we specialize in delivering premium quality cybersecurity services and solutions to protect your business so you can focus on growth – not hackers.

White-Glove Cyber Security Services

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Ensure the continued security of your business infrastructure and applications with our top-tier Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) services and non-intrusive vulnerability scans.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Leverage premium in-depth manual penetration testing to find and fix exploitable vulnerabilities in your company’s systems before hackers find them.

Static Code Reviews

Static Code Reviews

Detect potential vulnerabilities and security flaws in your software code by leveraging our security industry experts and proprietary tools via our static code review security services.

Award-Winning Security Services

At BB-SEC, we specialize in delivering world-class cybersecurity services and solutions such as manual penetration testing, security automation, static code analysis, design, and architecture reviews. 

Our award-winning services are powered by our vast wealth of expertise, our passion for the field, as well as our many proprietary methodologies and tools in our toolbox. 

BB-SEC | Award winning penetration testing services

Like you, our team is passionate about what we do.

At BB-SEC (Black Belt Security, LLC), we are laser-focused on YOUR cybersecurity needs. With our team of highly skilled and certified security experts, we can help you achieve your security goals. 

Let us help you find the holes in your security posture before the bad guys do. We want you to run the business you’ve worked so hard to build instead of worrying about people who want to hurt it.

Reach out to us with any questions. Ask us about how our world-class cybersecurity services can help your business be more secure. We’re here to help.


Get The Right Protection

.We use a specialized, white-glove approach to identify your individual concerns, assess your cybersecurity posture, and suggest personal solutions that will help you reach and exceed your desired security objectives.

Security Skill Shortage

Security Skill Shortage

Cybersecurity skills shortage has persisted over the years. As of 20222, there is a global shortage of 3.4 million cybersecurity workers including 700 thousand workers in the US alone.

Over 60 % of companies surveyed  reported that the greatest difficulty in establishing and sustaining a penetration testing program in their organization was in securing the talent with the necessary skills to perform pen testing.

Ever Increasing Threats

Ever Increasing Threats

Statistics on security threats are bleak. By 2025, globally, it is estimated that cybercrimes will top a cost of $10.5 trillion per year. Cybercrime continues to get worse every year.Meanwhile, cybercriminals are getting more and more sophisticated every year as well.

Web applications, employees, and networks continue to be major targets for attackers. Despite this, companies take on average 206 days to find out about a data breach, and over %70 report having faced a material impact to their business due to a compromise.

Security is Complex

Security is Complex

From the rise of the various cloud and IoT technologies to the migration of the workforce to an increasingly work-from-home environment, it cannot be denied that the software and technology businesses are becoming ever more complex.

Just like for any other profession, there is no such thing as a perfect jack-of-all-trades professional in cybersecurity or on-size-fit-all solution. There is no denying it, security is complex and getting more so by the day.

Explore Our Cyber Security Services

Penetration Testing

Good, high-quality, penetration testing is an art. It goes far beyond where vulnerability scanners stop. It outpaces black hat hackers by finding exploitable Critical vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before the bad guys even start looking for them. BB-SEC masterfully redefines pen testing to bring unparallel quality and return on your investment. Recently recognized as a top security assessment service company by the Enterprise Security Magazine, raises the bar for what good penetration testing should be.

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessments

As of 2022 alone, there are over 170,000 publicly reported software vulnerabilities, with more than 19,000 having a “Critical” security risk score*. With many hackers automating scanning and exploiting these vulnerabilities against any target exposed to the web, Vulnerability Assessments have never been more important. At BB-SEC, we know that no one size fits all when it comes to vulnerability assessments. BB-SEC offers a variety of white-glove vulnerability assessment services ranging from a systematic review of entire information systems to automated scanning all tailored specially to fit your needs.

Security Code Review

Static security code reviews are the “Yin” to the dynamic testing “Yang”. As is widely known in the security community, the earlier a vulnerability is found and fixed in the development lifecycle, the less financial impact it has. As static reviews do not depend on code being in a “run-worthy” state, they can be done much earlier in the lifecycle, thus saving you money. BB-SEC offers world-class static security code analysis that is powered by our expertise and our unparallel mix of commercial and proprietary tools.

Security you can TRUST

BB-SEC is consistently praised for the quality of services we offer. Be confident that you are catching high-risk vulnerabilities with our penetration testing services.

Find Vulnerabilities

Search our vulnerability database for known vulnerabilities. The Vulnerabilities DB contains over 200,000 known vulns and growing!

The best way to find out if your system is secure is to hire a professional to test it.

Our methods and processes are backed by our vast wealth of expertise, our passion in the field, as well as our many proprietary methodologies and tools in our toolbox.
We specialize in delivering premium quality cybersecurity services and solutions such as manual penetration testing, security automation, static code analysis, and architecture reviews.


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