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2 out of 3 businesses have been damaged by a cyberattack in the last year. Don’t let your business be next. At BB-SEC, we specialize in delivering premium quality cybersecurity services and solutions to protect your business so you can focus on growth – not hackers.

A company’s security needs often grow faster than their team – you need to be prepared:

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Ensure the continued security of your business infrastructure and applications with our top-tier, non-intrusive vulnerability scans.
Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Leverage premium in-depth manual penetration testing to expose exploitable vulnerabilities in your company’s systems before hackers find them.
Static Code Reviews

Static Code Reviews

Detect potential vulnerabilities and security flaws in your program and software code by using our security industry experts and proprietary tools.

Like you, our team is passionate about what we do.

That’s why we are laser-focused on YOUR cybersecurity needs. We help you find the holes in your security posture before the bad guys do. Our goal is that you can focus on running the business that you’ve worked so hard to build instead of focusing on bad actors trying to ruin it.

Security you can TRUST

BB-SEC is consistently praised for the quality of services we offer. Be confident that you are catching high-risk vulnerabilities with our penetration testing services.

Find Vulnerabilities

Search our vulnerability database for known vulnerabilities. The Vulnerabilities DB contains over 200,000 known vulns and growing!

The best way to find out if your system is secure is to hire a professional to test it.

Our methods and processes are backed by our vast wealth of expertise, our passion in the field, as well as our many proprietary methodologies and tools in our toolbox.
We specialize in delivering premium quality cybersecurity services and solutions such as manual penetration testing, security automation, static code analysis, and architecture reviews.



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