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BB-SEC listed in Tech Time’s Top 5 Service Providers!

We have some exciting news to share. BB-SEC (under the Black Belt Security legal name) has made it to the Top 5 Best Web Application Penetration Testing Services list by Tech times!

The features listed for BB-SEC by Tech times are:

  • Detailed Web Application Penetration Testing: BB-SEC provides a comprehensive web application runtime analysis and inspection for a broad range of real-world vulnerabilities, including testing for OWASP Top 10 application security concerns such as cross-site scripting, sensitive data disclosure, and XXE security flaws.
  • Advanced Detailed and Manual Penetration Testing Techniques: It has sophisticated, detailed, and manual penetration testing approaches, such as web application fault injection and fuzzing techniques, that effectively detect zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Comprehensive Security Assessment: It has a detailed and thorough infrastructure security evaluation of back-end systems against a database, API, and other service threats.
  • Designed for Your Needs: The pentesting coverage fits your specific requirements. Testing can be configured to be authenticated or unauthenticated, with a narrow or broad scope, a black/gray/white box, and so on.
  • Convenient Security Integrity Solutions: It evaluates and suggests cost-effective and realistic remedial strategies for discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Purple-Teaming Testing and Training Services: Offers purple-teaming testing and training solutions to help prevent web application attacks, including the potential inclusion of tracker headers or parameters to network requests.

To check out the list on the Tech Times website.

Network Penetration Testing

BB-SEC listed in Tech Time's Top 5 Service Providers!

About BB-SEC

We are a North Carolina-based cyber security consulting firm, specializing in premium quality services such as penetration testing, code reviews, and architecture reviews. Find out more about our most in-demand services:

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