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Code Analysis

It’s up to 6 times CHEAPER to resolve a security coding issue in development than to fix it after launch.

Every programming language is unique, and that means that each programming language has its OWN security concerns.

With BB-SEC, your code will be reviewed by security experts specialized in the technology stack you are using.


Our Methodology

BB-SEC has the people, the strategies, and the technology to go beyond simple, automated scans to provide deep-dive, manual security analysis. This allows flexibility for each client’s unique scope, as well as a proven, step-by-step format for repeatable, structured assessments.

Our People

BB-SEC has a rigorous 7-step hiring process – our acceptance rate of candidates who apply is less than 1%. Our team is made up of industry-leading security experts with numerous certifications and credentials. Our team works hard to stay ahead of industry trends with thorough training and research.

Our Process

BB-SEC follows industry best practices and standards for all penetration tests. Our proven process ensures consistent, repeatable assessments wile also being adaptable to your unique environment and challenges.

Our Technologies

We use a mix of top-of-the-line commercial tools and proprietary in-house developed tools to deliver the best results to you. Our toolbox is equipped to handle everything from web applications to reverse engineering and in between.

BB-SEC has the experts to identify and mitigate the risks that matter most in your business.

Our methods and processes are backed by extensive expertise in the offensive and defensive cyber security fields.



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4.5 out of 5 stars  reviews

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