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Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments help you find and fix security holes in your network and applications before hackers do.

More than 40% of businesses that fall victim
to a cyber attack lose critical data.

Don’t become a statistic – BB-SEC will proactively identify your company’s vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by bad actors.


Flexible Scope

We will adjust the vulnerability scan scope to directly meet your needs.

Custom Authentication

We will design and build scripts to maintain an authenticated session through the scan.

Network Enumeration

We have the tools and know-how to solve your network scanning challenges.

Custom Benchmarks

We will create customized tools to meet your scanning needs.

Our professional Cyber Security Team uses commercial and proprietary tools to identify vulnerabilities across your company including your:

We are THE vulnerability assessment experts. We select and calibrate the best tools for your unique business.

BB-SEC operates as an extension of your existing team to help identify and mitigate the risks that matter most in your business.

Our methods and processes are backed by extensive expertise in the offensive and defensive cyber security fields.



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4.5 out of 5 stars  reviews

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